CMF Consulting is your partner in management consultancy for strategy, marketing & sales as well as market development. We focus on analysing your company`s situation and then coming up with a suitable tailor-made strategy to achieve your business goals.


Would you like to restructure your company and become more successful? Would you like to update your work process? Do you need a new marketing strategy? Would you like to make changes in your company? Do you need a new business plan? Your corporate values can be increased by taking the correct long-term decisions and im- plementing realistic programs. We can develop a tailor-made plan for your long-term business success which will consist of your vision, goals and action. CMF Consulting normally first of all con- ducts a market and product research known as SWOT analysis. This helps to estimate the overall market situation and identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats surrounding your company or product. Afterwards, CMF Consulting works with you together to find the right measures to reach your goals. Then, you can choose a suitable strategy to use in achieving your long- term business goals.

Marketing & Sales

Would you like to know how satisfied your customers are with your goods or service, and if they have suggestions for improvement? We can create a customized questionnaire for you. CMF Consulting will then conduct a survey and get back to you with the results. You might receive customer inquiries or complaints by mail and forward to CMF Consulting. After receiving them, we will find out if these are simple questions that can directly be answered by us or not. If so, we will contact the customer on your behalf and pre- sent a solution. Otherwise, we will arrange an appointment for a response with you or your specialist and the customer. This will be either handing over the case comple- tely to you or you edit the case and send it back to us in order to communicate the solution to the customer. What we can do for you We can do the following for you: Develop your marketing and sales strategy. Take over your market research activities. Generate new leads and gain new customers for you. Arrange business appointments with potential customers for you. Analyse the market and target group at home and abroad for you. Analyse existing data for you. Take over your customer care activities in Germany and abroad in German, English, French and other languages for you. Carry out surveys for you - regardless of whether employees, business partners or customers should be interviewed.

Market Development

Maybe you want your products or ser- vices to be distributed in Nigeria. You might ask yourself: Which city is the best, what are the challenges you will have to face in the market, who will be your spokesperson on site and what permits you will need. CMF Consulting helps you to open up new markets in West Africa and Germany. We are not only familiar with the languages of these countries, but also very fa- miliar with the different cultures and can provide you with excellent support - both locally and abroad!


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